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The Day Buzz Punched A Moon-Landing-Denier

So how do we feel about people who think that the moon landings were one big conspiracy? Is it funny? Do you agree with them? Are they entitled to their views, or is it a corrosive anti-intellectualism? Okay, so maybe I let my own views slip with that last question, but as fans of spaceflight, is this something we should engage with or simply or laugh it off? Apparently 20% of Americans now believe that the moon landings were a hoax.

For some people, Buzz reached new heights of being a hero when he punched an infamous moon-landing-denier in this now famous piece of video

Some feel that it’s simply a case of putting some facts on record, and everyone will agree, however that’s not how humans work. Our skeptical minds are essential tools, and obviously selected for survival over many thousands of years, but is there also an innate anti-intellectualism that may result from this, and it’s evident from these, and other groups for whom ever increasing amounts of evidence simply cause their views to be more deeply felt. Even though you saw it on the video clip, maybe Buzz DID NOT LAND that punch in the way it appears on first viewing…but I think we know the answer to that, and I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now.

Credit: Brian Cox Twitter
Brian Cox made his view quite clear in this classic tweet Credit: Brian Cox Twitter

Part of the problem is that mankind has not been back to the moon since. People ask, if our technology has advanced, shouldn’t we have done so? In answer to that, some feel we need footage for the modern age, and that’s something that spaceflight enthusiasts look forward to.

Let’s assume that people can be rational, and I thought I’d share a couple of nice bits of evidence that are my favourite.

Here’s Amy Shira Teitel explaining about how we can see the effects of lower gravity in Apollo footage

Here’s a whole host of commentators and characters including Buzz and our own Roger Moore

Moon Landing Faked

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