View through one of the Dragon's windows. Credit: Space X

See What Space X Astronauts Will See

People have likened it to a promotion that a car company would use to promote a new luxury model; so maybe executives at Space X are learning a lot from sister company, Tesla Motors.

It is very cool, it’s a bit like “if Mercedes made spaceships” however…there are 4 windows for the astronauts to see out into space, and back towards earth.

SpaceX tested out the Crew Dragon’s ability to keep astronauts safe in May. The company is developing the ship for NASA as part of the space agency’s Commercial Crew Program, which aims to bring “cost-effective access” to the ISS, as well as pave the way to develop ships for manned missions to Mars in the 2030s.

According to SpaceX, the ship will have a climate-control system that will allow astronauts to set the temperature in the Crew Dragon between a very comfortable 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. What about somewhere to charge your phone, and perhaps a deluxe cup-holder?

The support structure at the back of the seats look like something that could be found in a race car. SpaceX said that were anything to go wrong, the Crew Dragon’s emergency escape system would “swiftly carry astronauts to safety” with the same amount of G-force found on a ride at Disneyland.

Interior of Dragon. Credit: Space X
Interior of Dragon. Credit: Space X

The Dragon Crew will be self-driving, rather like the Tesla Model S, but astronauts and mission control will both be able to take control if need be. Hopefully astronauts won’t mistakenly press the “Deorbit Now” button when instead trying to depressurize the cabin, though.

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