Credit: The Mars Society

Help the US Mars Society re-build their Hab – time running out with their crowdfunding campaign

This blog want to promote all activities that lead to new projects and space exploration. These days, Crowdfunding is one of the important facilitators for these projects, and time is running out to help the Mars Society raise the funds to re-build their fire-damaged GreenHab at their desert research station. With only 5 days to go in their campaign, time is running out, but you can help by visiting here

The Mars Society was created by Dr Robert Zubrin in order to promote the possibility of the Mars Direct mission to Mars, created by Zubrin and others in the light of the failure for NASA to put together an affordable manned Mars mission. The organisation carries out analogue research into the facilities and technologies needed for a Mars base.

damaged GreenHab

Damaged by fire, the Mars Society in the US is raising funds, with a target of $10,000 to repair and re-build the GreenHab. If you’re wondering why I keep saying the Mars Society US, it’s because there was a UK Chapter of the Mars Society which seems to have gone through a period of hibernation, we wrote about this in an earlier post, however the work the Mars Society in the US does is important and very much worthy of your support.

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