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Crowdfunding helps science-fiction as well as science-fact

Crowdfunding is becoming a growing means of generating funding, making dreams become reality for space, and science projects; an empowering way for people to contribute to projects that they’d like to see reach fruition. In the interests of promoting spaceflight, this blog will promote active crowdfunding campaigns for worthy projects; get in touch and let us know what you’d like to see funded.

Recently we wrote about the Light Sail project run by The Planetary Society, which was a science success, but also a crowdfunding success, raising significantly more than their initial target.

It’s not always an entire space mission that is seeking funding, this great campaign from Final Frontier Design to fund development of their space suit

It’s even sometimes a funding success for science-fiction, with a recent project called “Star Trek; Axanar” who are seeking further funding through crowdfunding website Indiegogo. A crew of “Star Trek” fans is taking the beloved franchise where it’s never been before: For a fraction of the cost of a Hollywood film, they plan to create a feature-length production funded by crowdfunding.

An initial fundraising campaign for the film, launched last year on Kickstarter, raised more than six times its $100,000 initial goal. At the time, the filmmakers estimated this feature film would cost up to $750,000, but the new campaign has announced a budget of just under $1 million.

The project’s creators, led by executive producer Alec Peters, now plan to break up the film into four episodes costing approximately $250,000 each. According to the crowdsourcing page, the project must raise an additional $80,000 per episode (making the total fundraising budget about $1.32 million) to cover the cost of using Indiegogo (the company takes a cut from projects funded on its site), as well as “ongoing studio costs” and “payment processing.” The extra money will also cover “perks” that are given to people who donate to the project.These include ‘rewards’ like a copy of the movie script, Starfleet patches, and photos signed by cast members.

Shooting is expected to start in November, with a tentative release date set for spring or summer 2016. Major stars in the film include Richard Hatch, Kate Vernon (both of “Battlestar: Galactica”), Gary Graham (“Star Trek: Enterprise”) and Tony Todd (“Candyman”, “Chuck”, “24”).

You can watch the trailer for the new movie here. There is also a 20-minute preview about the film, released last year, called “Prelude to Axanar,” which is available to watch online.

So check out whats going on from time to time and you too can actually do something practical to help make spaceflight projects a reality rather than just fiction.

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