Space Conference UK 2015

The UK Space Conference 2015 begins this Monday July 13th culminating in the final gala dinner and Sir Arthur C. Clarke awards on Wednesday evening the 15th.

A link to the event website is here

While tickets for the final gala dinner are sold-out,  it’s a full program of events and speakers, see for more info.

The aim of the UK Space Conference 2015 is to be inclusive and forward looking:

  • To bring together people and groups from all parts of the space community.
  • To exchange visions and ideas for using space, its technology and satellite enabled-services to shape our future.
  • To discuss how new knowledge and space-based capabilities can drive social and economic progress into the 2030s and beyond.

Five plenary and 25 parallel sessions will provide opportunities:

  • For informative presentations, workshops and debate.
  • Spanning topics ranging from the challenges of working in space to securing the take-up of satellite services in global markets.
UK Space Conference

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